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Dave House – The Trade Show Professor

Several year ago while working in the copier business I won a sales contest and the prize was a trip to Las Vegas. After I arrived at the hotel, I was told that I would be working in the vendor’s booth at an insurance convention being held in the same hotel.  I won a job working a trade show!  That was the beginning of a successful and enjoyable career in trade shows.

My experience includes work with a general show contractor, a display house, and as a corporate exhibitor.

I have worked trade shows and corporate events in Japan, China, South Korea, France, Italy, and Canada, not to mention domestic venues from Anaheim to Atlanta.

In addition to full time work in the trade show industry, I have taught business and economics courses on an adjunct professor basis.  Also, I have presented industry seminars and training sessions.

I am here to help you

Need help with show selection?  Show forms have you confused?  Show site issues with unions?  ROI down from previous shows?

How to reach me

Please review my site and complete the Contact form.  I will respond immediately.

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Dave House – The Trade Show Professor – (574) 345-1120

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