New Events Strategy for American Express


The problem:  Multiple requests for AMEX show assets all channeled through one contact person at American Express, causing delays in shipping, budget issues, and added costs.

Partnering with American Express, I was able to develop a strategy that included a new system through which employees  would access an internal (AMEX) website, order the assets, provide a method of payment, and detail all other event particulars (shipping information, show services needed, etc.).

In developing the strategy, it was necessary to research analytics relative to past events and arrive at standard pricing that would include pull and prep time, administrative time, storage fees, return to warehouse charges, and shipping (regular and expedited).

Once initiated, the strategy for ordering and sending show assets to events became seamless with costs on both the customer side and the servicing side being reduced due to the efficiencies of automation and prompt payments for services.

The effective handling of this new strategy opened doors for further business opportunities including a national contract for fabrication, storage, and show services.

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