Outsourcing Your Show Service

The person who is charged with the trade show or shows within an organization is tasked with dozens of duties including (but not limited to!) determining the goals and objectives for the show, monitoring the budget, managing logistical details, researching vendors to provide needed services, pre-show marketing, arrangements for booth staff, coordinating with production to insure products are selected and sent, and more.
So, why do many CMOs. Marketing Managers and VPs of Sales seek others outside of the company to handle the tasks associated with trade show services? Several reasons for this, but five are presented here:
1. Big task – little time
As the show opening date approaches, multiple tasks are on your plate and more tasks are being added. Internal requirements to be completed, as well as, all the forms to complete and submit are just a parts of the overall requirements. Doing it alone is no longer an option.
2. Deadlines, deadlines, and more deadlines (and more money!)
Each interface you have with the show has a due date, which if passed, means losing a discount or having to pay a penalty.
3. Complicated and time consuming
For the casual trade show participant the tasks are complicated. The trade show industry has a vocabulary that may seem like a foreign language. Many of the must-do assignments require time to research and complete.
4. Saves money – less money than a full-time employee
Hiring an outside consultant who knows the industry is significantly less expensive than hiring an internal Trade Show Coordinator or Assistant. Additionally, no need for costly benefits. Although they know you and your products and services, your ad agency or PR Company may not be the best choice here.
5. Makes money
What? Yes – by outsourcing to a trade show professional you are free to concentrate on your trade show leads. Also, a highly trained professional can give you other ideas about how to best use your investment (the exhibit space you have rented).
Thinking about outsourcing as a company initiative? Your trade show services may be a positive step in that direction.

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